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CIESA's Shelter Program is designed to support international companies in their new Mexican projects, before, during and after the initiation of their operations.

Shelter Service

Under this program CIESA allows the client to have the quickest start process, avoiding the loss of time organizing and operating it’s own subsidiary, minimizing potential risks associated with unknown factors while allowing our clients to have full control in their budget, production and quality.

A Shelter Program is especially important when new projects are located in a different country, with a different work cultures, legislation and society. CIESA provides programs designed to support any industrial project before, during, and after the initiation of its operations.


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Full Shelter


A Shelter Program is especially helpful when new manufacturing projects are established in a different country, with a different culture, laws and regulations


Start Up - Services


Our Start Up Services support new manufacturing projects to establish and start operations by providing all the needs that such process may require


On Going - Services


As a full service company, CIESA provides a variety of quality services designed to help companies already established and operating


CIESA distinguishes itself from its competitors in several ways. The most important and beneficial for the client, is that all its services are provided by experienced and highly qualified personnel, all of which, are directly employed by CIESA.


This circumstance eliminates the need to hire third parties, a reason why CIESA can assure the quality of its services and provide top customer satisfaction.



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