Our mission is to ensure our customer complete success through continuous improvement and innovation. We want to position ourselves as the most efficient and profitable service company by offering a range of useful and innovative services, delivered with high quality, responsibility and commitment. Our goal is to exceed the needs and expections of our national and foreign clients.


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Our mission is carried out through the fulfillment of the commitments we have made with:

• Shareholders and directors: ensuring profitability and soundness of the company


• Our clients: providing the highest quality service with commitment and responsibility and with the greatest warmth.


• Our employees: creating and maintain a work environment that encourages the overall development in the context of the responsibilities that makes labor regulation taking into account the stability and growth.


• The authorities: complying with laws, regulations and provisions related to the variety of services


• Our community: promoting activities and attitudes that promote institutional and personal commitment to the development of our society while fulfilling our commitment to respect our environment.


Our Vision at CIESA is:

• Being the best and most efficient service providers based on new trends and technological advances, adhering to our values and honesty of purpose.



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