CIESA´s Security Services are designed to provide security to their clients, using the lastest technology available and its highly trained professional team.


CIESA SSP services are performed by our own personnel. We do not have to rely on third parties. This characteristic results in fast responses, competitive costs, immediate attention to the client, and “Top Customer Satisfaction”.


The time and money we spend recruiting and training each one of our employees, ensures our client´s satisfaction. Finally, the additional support we get from CIESA´s own reputation and image, supports our success.



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• CIESA SPP provides all the client´s security and surveillance needs. Offering these services using our large expertise, great professionalism, excellent quality and top customer service, is always our priority

• Honor, loyalty, discipline and leadership are CIESA SPP´s main values

• CIESA SPP´s personnel are in constant communication with the clients

• Tailor made security and surveillance services in accordance to each client´s needs

• All the services are provided by CIESA SPP´s own security personnel, benefiting its clients in regards to cost, quality and efficiency

• We at CIESA SPP work always hard to provide our clients with a “Top “Customer Satisfaction” experience, a characteristic well known in the area and highly praised by our customers



• We recruit our own personnel and exhaustively select them

• Before a new service is provided, we perform SWOT analysis to design the best strategy

• Our supervisors and radio central maintain continuous contact with their staff and clients 24 hours a day

• We are a BASC Certified company

• We have all the registries and permits required by all Federal and State authorities to operate in any location

• We use C-TPAT procedures

• We are always looking for more and current certifications

• We remain currently updated by maintaining close contact with private and government security organizations





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