Our Core Values at CIESA have always been:

Integrity: At CIESA we believe in the importance of honesty, truthfulness and accuracy. We represent our capabilities honestly. We are transparent. We are confidential and responsible with our client’s information. We treat our work and others in an ethical and honorable manner. We are accountable for our actions and behave modestly.


Passion: We are passionate about CIESA and our clients. We are determined to be the best. We are passionate about developing our skills, knowledge and self-esteem. We promote creative and innovative solutions in a positive and optimistic environment. We are dedicated to pursuing successes for our clients, company and coworkers. We think beyond what is accepted as possible.


Respect: We respect our CIESA colleagues and clients and treat them as we want to be treated. Regardless of the position we treat people with respect. We deal with each other in an open and honest way. We acknowledge that to succeed we need to accept and value diversity in ideas, beliefs and backgrounds. We also value and respect our environment and society and strive to make the world a better place.


Loyalty: We are committed to our clients, suppliers and company. CIESA believes in the value of collaboration within our company and with our clients. We believe in teamwork and delivering exceptional results so others can count on us. We aspire to develop bonds that foster CIESA’s team spirit.


A Sense of Urgency: At CIESA we believe the greatest risk is standing still. We learn and adapt quickly without sacrificing our quality or integrity. We walk in our client’s shoes and understand the imperative need for action. We accept and adapt to the fast paced environment. We are confident in our ability to respond to the unexpected.

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