CIESA IT is committed to provide top quality services while transforming complex technology needs, into simple solutions at competitive costs

Information Technology

CIESA IT started operations in 2001, since then, it has been committed to provide top quality services and has helped our clients to solve their IT needs “We transform what seems to be complex technology needs into simple solutions at competitive costs”.


CIESA IT is always supporting our clients to achieve their best productivity and profitability, with our own expert and service oriented personnel.

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CIESA IT Characteristics:

CIESA IT Objectives:

• We provide total and complete solutions to all your IT needs

• Our efforts focus on consulting, designing and installing the solutions, while being an active element of our client´s supply chain

• We meet the highest national and international industry standards. This has been possible since our team of professionals have obtained the most important certifications and specializations available

• To offer top quality services, the best response time and excellent prices

• To supply our products and services while safeguarding our client’s real needs

• To provide top customer satisfaction to all our customers

• To understand the real needs of our clients

• To work with our clients to provide support in reaching their specific objectives


• “CIESA IT will always design a tailor made package deal for each client, in complete accordance to its needs”

• “We are a 100% reliable company that has been on the market for over 9 years”

• “We have a full team of qualified engineers is assigned to service and safeguard our clients business ”




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