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CIESA offers its Logistics Services through four business units operated by our own professional management team. The high level of customer satisfaction provided by them, results from the experience obtained while operating in their highly competitive markets



With 30 years of creating successful logistics solutions, choosing CIESA to manage your supply chain, while providing plenty of added value, is the best decision your company can make


Since1987, when CIESA created a logistics organization it has been successfully providing integrated services and solutions to its customers, as per their specific logistics needs.




CIESA provides these high quality services through its fully owned companies:

Mexican Customs Brokerage




IMMEX Program Administration




Freight Forwarding




3PL Company




The expertise and specialization of these three companies has resulted in very high levels of customer satisfaction within a highly competitive environment, “where timing and service are the most important issues for the customers”


These services allow our final customers to concentrate all their efforts on their core business by assigning all their supply chain management activities to our logistics companies





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