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By using CIESA´s IMMEX Program Administration Services, companies eliminate the administrative burden of preparing the legally required records and reports of their import and export operations. Additionally, savings are obtained since the clients does not require to spend in purchasing specialized software, its upgrades periodically and we offer onsite  training of the customers staff.


We have a professional and expert team established and trained to take over these operations, specializing in preparing and presenting all corresponding reports to the authorities in a timely manner.


Our detailed software applications is continuously upgraded and updated in accordance with the constantly changing IMMEX legislation and to the meet the needs of the client´s specific requirements.


These software features allow CIESA to obtain the necessary reports to provide a correct IMMEX Program administration through a personal link that will provide real-time operations status.


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Import and export operation data administered by our qualified personnel


BOMS analysis for a more accurate discharge result.


Scrap material strategy for a secure and efficient administration this highly sensitive manufacturing process.




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