Our group of companies agrees that human resources are the most valuable asset in our organization and that everyone in this organization believes:

Our Believes at CIESA have always been:

In the ethical and moral values that dignify and exalt a person, living by those standards everyday in our work environment


In respecting the environment and community where we live


In listening, thinking and taking action are the steps leading to success


In reaching goals and objectives


In team work in order to achieve the goals and objectives, always having respect towards our teammates and recognizing their work


In being responsible four our behavior and changing our attitudes to develop better characters


In developing our skills, knowledge, values attitudes and self-esteem, which strengthens our character and determines success


In feeling part of our company having team spirit and the willingness to give everyone our best


In having a vision towards the future working and living on the present, allowing our values to be the foundation of our actions and through continuous improvement reach our goals always having the will to work and carry out the mission of selling our services successfully


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