Our main line of business, where CIESA SPP (CIESA´s Private Protection Services) has specialized, understanding that the needs of each one of our clients are specific to them

  • We provide highly trained guards at fixed positions within our client´s installations
  • These guards are supported by our permanent 24 hour, 365 days per year supervision


CIESA SPP Services designed to provide a high quality service level in response to the client´s security requirements by providing professional support.

This support is provided in different areas:
  • Risk analysis
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Polygraph application
  • Improvement of security systems and equipment


CIESA SPP also provides electronic systems integration, their installations and real time monitoring.

Systems such as:
  • Electronic access control
  • CCTV monitoring
  • GPS monitoring
  • Alarm systems
  • Guard rounds digital systems
  • Software monitoring system using in Black Berry

CIESA SPP offers technologies which allow our clients to build their an integral security system, minimizing the risks which may arise at any time.