CIESA, through the ample variety of professional services it provides, allows clients to save money while getting the highest quality of experience and support for their operations. When using these tailor made services, our clients have the highest qualified support services required to achieve a smooth and efficient operation.

CIESA will directly provide the services through its own in-house experienced personnel; it does not need to hire third parties to do so.

Relevant Benefits:
  • Minimization of initial costs
  • Savings in time and money, while getting top quality and experienced support
  • Key support for a smooth operation
  • Provided by CIESA´s own personnel - Insourcing/Avoid outsourcingwork
  • Top customer service
  • Tailor made services

Main services offered:

  • Human resources
  • Industrial relations
  • Medical support
  • Environmental, safety and hygiene regulations
  • Logistics (Import/Export) including 3PL inventory administration
  • Security and surveillance
  • . . . and more