It is always important to know the personal habits and background of each candidate, ensuring that they are the right people to work for your company; and this is why CIESA offers the following information:

Socio-Economic studies

  • Social level information: Low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high
  • Family level information: Existing relation within his family core
  • Pastimes, entertainment, travels, gatherings
  • Emotional stability
  • Businesses and investments owned
  • Economic summary
  • Candidate´s house photo and his photo with his family



  • Last 5 years of the candidate´s work experience investigated
  • References from previous employer
  • Reason for previous job departure is provided
  • Prior working behavior is provided
  • The candidate´s viability to work is analyzed
  • Personal and family references are included



Information regarding the potential candidate´s past problems with the Police or other authorities


“Conciliation and Arbitration” Labor Authority

Providing important information on the candidate by searching their extensive data bases while looking for issues regarding:

  • Presenting labor lawsuits
  • Being agitators or promoters of strikes
  • Potential candidates which have been in the news when participating in robberies, drugs related issues, fights and homicides.


Hidden Jobs

By law, all employers have to register every single employee working for them at the Mexican Social Security Institute (I.M.S.S.) using their official listings, we can find any previous job that the candidate may have omitted in his application or interview