Labor Outsourcing

Personnel Administration

Providing these services, we allow the clients to have any involvement in tax and Social Security (I.M.M.S.) obligations, while eliminating the need to process their own payroll. These services also allow the clients to reassign their Human Resources personnel to other activities within the company. When our team takes over their functions, all the time previously dedicated by the client´s personnel for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, investigating, hiring personnel and managing the payroll, will be available for them to perform other company activities

The following activities are our responsibility:

  • Recruitment and selection of personnel in accordance to the required profile
  • Investigation of their background at the labor “Conciliation and Arbitration” authority
  • Medical exam for admission
  • Payment of tax and social security responsibilities of the employees (legal)
  • Registration and removal of members at the Mexican Social Security Institute (legal)
  • Replace vacancies caused by turnover in the shortest possible time
  • Labor liabilities handling


Recruitment and Selection

The appropriate profile of a candidate is essential to achieve a good performing operation; therefore, it is a must to use a professional recruitment and selection process. Our trained personnel perform a professional selection of the candidates as required by the company, for each job position. We offer the recruitment and selection services for:

  • Executives and white collar employees
  • Unionized workers
  • Technical and specialized personnel
  • Technical and specialized unionized personnel


Service Packages

It is important to know the personal habits and background of each candidate, ensuring that they are the right ones to work for your company; this is why CIESA offers the following services:

  • Socio-Economic studies
  • Social level information: Low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high
  • Economic level information: Personal assets and real estate, debt, bank loans
  • Family level information: Existing relation within his family core
  • Observed lifestyle
  • Pastimes, entertainment, travels, gatherings
  • Education level
  • Emotional stability
  • Businesses and investments owned
  • Economic summary
  • Candidate´s house photo and his photo with his family


Labor Investigation

  • The last 5 years of the candidate´s work experience are investigated
  • References are asked directly at the companies he has worked at
  • The reason for his departure is provided
  • Any precedent of his behavior is provided
  • The candidate´s viability to work is analyzed
  • Personal and family references are included


Judicial Investigation

Provides information regarding the potential candidate´s past problems with the Police or other authorities.


Investigation at the Labor “Conciliation and Arbitration” Authority

Comprehends the verification of data bases, providing important information on the candidate such as; labor lawsuits, being agitators or promoters of strikes, as well as, the ones which have been in newspapers when participating in robberies, drugs issues, fights and homicides.


Investigation of Hidden Jobs

Using official listings showing all the previous jobs held by the candidate and registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (I.M.S.S.). By law, employers have to register every employee at the I.M.S.S. With this tool, we can find any previous job that the candidate may have omitted in his application or interview, and search for the reason he did it.


Psychometric and Medical Exams

The personality and physical health of the candidates are essential for their good performance at the company; this is why CIESA offers the following exams:

  • Psychometric exams for executives and white collar employees
  • Psychometric exams for technicians
  • Psychometric exams for workers
  • Medical for admission, if requested (Urine, blood, glucose, V.D.R.L., and pregnancies)


Organizational Development and Training

To adapt to the continuous changes of our business environment, it is very important to be constantly updated to remain competitive. CIESA is well aware of the relevance of this matter and in this regard offers the following services:

  • Organization development projects
  • Training in all areas to reach organizational excellence
  • Diagnostic and measurement instruments
  • Assessment center
  • Intergroup evaluation processes (360 º)

By minimizing risks of operating in México

  • Not having legal presence
  • Not having long term commitments
  • Not having to pay Mexican income tax
  • Avoiding culture shock
  • Eliminating exposure to any legal liability

By the advantage of an strategic location

  • With access to the Mexican market
  • Allowing access to the U.S. market if coming from non-NAFTA countries
  • Having access to a large and trained labor pool in metropolitan Monterrey

By allowing the client to concentrate on: Production, delivery, quality and budgets