Founded in 1987

as a pioneer in Industrial

Parks Developments and Shelter Programs

1982 A small construction company starts its operations, with services which, among others, are the construction of industrial warehouses and industrial buildings in Monterrey and the metropolitan area.


1987 With experience in construction, CIESA is born. CIESA’s focus are on developing industrial parks and shelter programs. At the same time, Módulo Industrial América is built in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, being the first industrial park project of the company.


1989 CIESA develops the second industrial park named Parque Industrial La Silla Guadalupe, in Monterrey’s metropolitan area.



'91 CIESA diversifies its services adding the Logistics division.


'95 The logistics division is expanded to cover the United States of America.


2000 A third industrial park is developed: “Parque Industrial La Silla Apodaca” in Monterrey’s metropolitan area. Along with this project, the Security division is created, starting its services in this industrial park.


2015 CIESA updates its processes and infrastructure to become the most technology-oriented with state-of-the-art systems service provider of the industry.


CIESA has constantly innovated its services in order to offer and help its clients in their projects in México. At present, CIESA has the following business divisions: Shelter, Real Estate, Logistics, Construction, Security, IT, Business Consulting and Administrative Services.




Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the complete success of our customers through continuous improvement and position ourselves as the company of services that is more efficient and profitable by offering a range of useful and innovative services, delivered with high quality, responsibility and commitment, designed to meet the needs of our national and foreign clients, exceeding their expectations.

Our vision

Being the best and most efficient service providers based on new trends and technological advances, adhering to our values and honesty of purpose.

Main Offices Calzada del Valle 409 Ote. 4th Floor Colonia del Valle, San Pedro Garza García N.L. MEXICO 66220 Get in touch Toll free lines MX 01 800 821.8088 | USA 1 800 752.9615


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